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"Healing from the CROWN to the Ground!"

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Crowned Counseling’s mission is to expand access to culturally attuned mental health treatment for underserved populations, with particular attention toward the BIPOC community. We believe that real, relevant, and relatable mental health services are keys to understanding and treating the individual and collective experiences of underserved communities.

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The clients we serve are innately resilient,

that authentic relationships and relatability are the keys to healing, and

that mutual respect and a non-judgmental environment foster an atmosphere of healing.


Crowned Counseling offers individual therapy to both children and adolescents. We use age and developmental stage appropriate techniques to meet youth where they are and to facilitate effective intervention.

Crowned Counseling offers individual therapy to children, adolescents, and adults facing a variety of life stressors. Our therapists work with you to tailor interventions to meet your individual needs.


Families are a system, and not all the time does each member see eye to eye. Crowned Counseling understands this and takes a Family Systems approach at helping families and/or couples navigate difficult seasons.

Whether you are looking for education, support, or to see that you're not alone in your struggle, Crowned Counseling has a group for you. We work to create safe circles of collective processing and healing.

Child & Adolescent Individual Therapy
Adult Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Family/Couples Therapy
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